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Using your tablet as a laptop

Tablets are useful for everything except word processing and spreadsheets. For example the tablet version of the Microsoft Office suite still hasn’t managed to be as useful or as usable as the desktop version.

Typing on a Tablet

Touchscreen devices like tablets and phones aren’t as good as regular keyboards for activities that require lots of typing such as:

  • Writing articles / blog posts
  • Writing reports
  • Longer emails
  • Direct messaging someone for a long period of time, say more than 10 minutes

In these cases a wireless bluetooth keyboard can be better. See the Logitech bluetooth keyboard below connected to a Samsung Tab 2 tablet (I have also successfully used this same keyboard with an iPad).

Bluetooth Keyboard and Samsung Tablet


If you:

  1. Do a fair bit of typing
  2. Don’t do office type work (like report writing, spreadsheets etc, i.e. Word / Excel)

Then a bluetooth keyboard setup with your tablet could replace the need for a laptop.