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Technology Training (Learn Technology)

training-learn-new-skillsGet training on how to use a Macbook or iPhone

As a technology tutor I can start training you in any of the following, and much more:


  • iPads – learn about apps and how to get the most out of your tablet
  • Android tablets


  • PC (Windows) – Learn how to use a Windows laptop or desktop computer
  • Mac (OSX) – Learn how to use your Macbook Pro or iMac
  • Programming (for beginners, intermediate and advanced, including degree level and beyond)
    • Languages:
      • Assembly language (useful for embedded systems)
      • C
      • C++ (Object Oriented Programming)
      • PHP
    • Learn good practises, including:
      • how to write maintainable code (comments, versioning, repositories, quality documentation, reasonably sized functions, sensible design choices etc)
      • how to test code including automated tests / regression tests
      • coding standards
      • peer review
    • Learn the tools of the job (regular expressions, data harvesting methods)
    • Systems:
      • PC (Windows)
      • Mac (OSX)


  • Microsoft Office
    • Microsoft Word
    • Excel
    • Powerpoint
  • Photoshop (or GIMP which is a free equivalent to Photoshop)
  • Evernote
  • Skype

Phones (mobiles, smartphones or landline)

  • Landline (block unwanted calls)
  • iPhone – apps, texting, viber, Skype, calls, calendar, camera, music and more
  • Android (e.g. Sony, Samsung etc) – apps, texting, viber, Skype, calls, calendar, camera, music and more


  • Using the internet / websites
  • Researching information


  • Creating an email account
  • Sending emails
  • Accessing email on your mobile phone
  • Dealing with junk (spam) emails


  • Getting photos from your camera onto your tablet or computer
  • Sorting your photos
  • Editing your photos (for example removing red eye or cropping them)

Online Banking

  • Registering for online banking
  • Security / safety
  • Checking your balance
  • Making a payment

Films / Music

  • Watching films or television online (e.g. Netflix / Amazon Prime / iPlayer)
  • Listening to music on your mobile phone or iPod (MP3 player)

Education (Learn something new or relating to college)

Mapping / Directions

  • Satellite Navigation (Sat Nav)
  • Use Google Earth to view the planet using satellite images
  • Use Google Maps (or Apple Maps or Bing Maps) to find a place you are interested in

Computer Courses

As well as one-to-one tutoring I also run technology / and computer courses in and around Abergavenny.


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