Technology Wales

Currently covering Abergavenny and Blaenau Gwent, however if you have a lot of work that needs doing I will usually travel further afield. I will teach and support you with your technological needs. I target my teaching to each individual student, I will always go at a pace you are happy with and I will tune in to your needs. I have also done remote-working which is more efficient in time and cost, and allows me to support people anywhere, it also benefits the environment.

I started programming computers when I was ten years old and have kept up with technology ever since. I also have good people skills, and a natural skills for teaching. This makes me the ideal person to teach you about technology or even to do some work for you. I can communicate at all levels (I can talk to programmers, experts but also complete beginners and be understood – this is a rare skill).

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Testimonials (More Testimonials)

Mike has helped us to improve our IT skills in many areas. Our understanding has increased enormously due to his ability to teach us in a step by step approach leaving us to manage our computer independently. At the same time he updated the security and simplified many areas. Thanks for being patient with us oldies! L&P, Lincolnshire

My Qualifications

  • B.Sc. Computer Science (2.1) from Loughborough University
  • Counselling (levels 2 & 3)
  • Mindfulness (one year course)
  • Psychology course

Hopefully these qualifications should demonstrate that I have both people skills and tech skills, which makes me an effective teacher. I have been told that I am good at explaining things to people. Even though I have a degree I can teach at any level. I will not make you feel small. We all had to start somewhere once, and I appreciate that that is part of the learning process.

Here’s some things you might want to learn:

Online Banking

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Online Shopping

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Social Networking
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Technology is a Tool

Technology is a tool that is best used when it increases our productivity, or adds some genuine benefit to our lives.

Although technology can be an amazing tool half of all work-based stress relates to technology, and I’m sure we’ve all experienced stresses with technology at home too.

I have a degree in computer science but I also have qualifications in counselling and mindfulness and a background in helping people manage their stress. So my passion goes beyond just technology. I want to help you embrace technology in a way that benefits you and that relieves your stress.

My passion is in teaching and supporting people with technology that helps them get the maximum benefit out of it. I want to help you use technology so that it improves your life in some way. Benefits and improvements might include:

  • Less stress (automatically manage spam calls on your phone, learn how to play with technology instead of being afraid of it)
  • More organised (manage your digital photos, maximise the organisational capabilities of a smartphone, learn to use a spreadsheet for your finances,online banking, online bills)
  • More connected with people (social networking if you’ve never used it, call friends and family abroad for free)
  • Less connected with people (maybe you are overwhelmed and need to manage technology time so you use it more efficiently, which should lead to using it less)

Business Services

  • Email setup
  • Website design
  • Privacy
  • Data Backup
  • Recover lost files
  • Recover from a hacking attempt

Home Services

  • Reduce spam emails
  • Reduce junk mail (postal)
  • Stop unwanted calls on both landline and mobile (and unwanted texts)
  • Store information in a more organised way (using Evernote)
  • Sort your photos more sensibly
  • Learn how to edit photos (remove red-eye, remove blotches from old photographs, improve on grainy photos, or improve the colouring of photographs and much more)
  • Set up a new computer / tablet / phone
  • Recover lost files


  • Sat Nav
  • Smartphones (making calls, texting, blocking calls or texts, downloading and using apps, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, setting up a calendar / diary, using built-in sat nav)
  • Online shopping (and how to do so securely, eBay, Amazon or any other shopping)
  • Online safety (I can give talks on this or tutor individual users)
  • Online banking or bills
  • Computer lessons for complete beginners, intermediate or advanced
  • Learn how to be more secure online and how to manage your passwords so you don’t forget them
  • Social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc)
  • Learn how to research anything (family tree, favourite band, academic journals?)

Software Engineering / Computer Skills

Hardware & Computer Repairs

  • Recover data on corrupted hard drives (high success rate)
  • Replace broken harddrives
  • Install extra memory (RAM)
  • Replace power supplies in desktops
  • Reinstallation of Operating Systems