Business Services

If you are a new business you might want help with the following business services:

Web Services

  • Web design (soul traders or small businesses are particularly welcome. I can get you up and running quickly)
  • Email – Get yourself a decent business email such as (also get the capability to check your email from anywhere using a smartphone such as an iPhone or an Android phone)

Printer Services

  • Printer – Set up a printer in order to print invoices and documents
  • Account Keeping – Learn how to keep your accounts so you can easily file at the end of the financial year

Social Media (Online Marketing)

  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) – reach your customers on a personal level

Computer Setup

  • Buying technology – Help with choosing the best technology to fit your business needs. Anything from a new computer system, or a smartphone that can maximise your connectivity with customers
  • Computer setup – Help setting up your computer system and teaching you how to get the best out of it

Data Recovery and Backup

  • External hard drive recovery (if your hard drive stops working or some files are corrupted)
  • Backup systems to prevent future data loss (data loss can cost companies a lot of money)

Virus Removal

  • Removal viruses and malware
  • Recover damage done by viruses or malware

Business Cards

We don’t offer printing of business cards. However if you live locally to Abergavenny then I recommend Keltic Design & Print for this or indeed for posters and fliers. If you live further afield I recommend the online business card service called Moo.

Or as an existing business, you might want to improve the way you utilise technology to run your business efficiently. Contact me for a quick chat to see what’s possible.