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Home Support Services – Your Personal IT Solution

Trouble with Tech? We’re here to Help!

At Technology Wales, we understand that dealing with technology at home can sometimes be a frustrating experience. That’s why we provide expert, one-on-one home support for all your tech needs.

1: WiFi Setup & Troubleshooting

No more weak signals or connection dropouts!

Our team will help you set up or troubleshoot your home WiFi to ensure you have a fast, stable internet connection throughout your house. We can also help to optimise your WiFi for multiple devices, so everyone in your home can browse, stream, and work online without interruption.

2: Device Setup & Support

Get the most from your gadgets!

Whether it’s your new laptop, tablet, smartphone, or smart home device, we’ll assist you in setting them up and show you how to use them efficiently. Our team will also provide support for any ongoing tech issues you may encounter.

3: Tech Education & Tutoring

Never stop learning!

If you want to become more confident with your tech or learn new skills, we offer personalized tutoring sessions. From basic operations to more advanced functions, we’ll help you become tech-savvy at your own pace.

4: Cybersecurity & Online Safety

Stay safe in the digital world!

We’ll provide you with essential guidance on how to protect your devices from viruses and malware, and safeguard your online presence from scams.

5: And More…

Please contact us for any other issues you are having, including printer issues or any other technology problem in the home.

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