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I keep forgetting my passwords

Password Forgotten

This article is for people who regularly forget their passwords. If you’ve forgotten a password and you want to regain access to a website then check our article I’ve forgotten my password. Just before we start I’d just like to put your mind at rest by saying: It is very common to forget your passwords. Years ago people only needed to remember one or two passwords but as the internet grew we now have to remember up to forty depending on how many websites we are registered with or how many tablets, or computers we use. From a security perspective, it is recommended that we have different passwords for everything and that we don’t write them down. As you are well aware it’s almost impossible to remember them. So people either:

  1. Write them down (which is a security risk) OR
  2. Have the same (or very similar) password for everything

So you are not alone here. Check out this research paper on forgetting passwords which found:

Seventy-two percent of people reported experiencing memory difficulties in correctly remembering passwords

The modern-day solution is to store your passwords in a password manager.

What’s a Password Manager?

A password manager is a tool which remembers all your passwords for you. To access these passwords you utilise one master password (that isn’t easy to guess). You mustn’t forget the master password (if you’re really forgetful then write it down in a secret way and store it in a locked filing cabinet only you have access to).

I recommend using one of these two password managers:

  1. 1Password (This is my preferred tool)
  2. LastPass

Which Password Manager should I use?

LastPass isn’t very good on iPads or iPhones. However 1Password isn’t very good on Windows computers. So as long as you avoid those combinations you should be ok. I anyone has had success with other password managers then please let us know in the comments.


First of all you need to Download 1Password then install it.

Check out a comical Ryan Reynolds video on 1Password:

If you need any help installing or using 1Password, or any other password managers, please contact us for support.