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Forgotten Password?

Problem: Forgotten password

It’s really frustrating to forget your password. Find out what to do below:

Solution (Works for most websites)
  1. Go to the login screen (see examples for Outlook and Yahoo below)
  2. Click on a link (what is a link? Click or press here to find out) that says something like ‘forgotten password’ or ‘I cannot access my account’ (see examples below marked with a green box)
  3. Then follow the instructions to reset your password.

Note: Services should never be able to send you your password. If they do then their security is weak as passwords should not be stored as plaintext but instead should be one-way encrypted and stored that way. Any decent service will send you a link via email (or something similar) that allows you to reset your password.

If you keep forgetting your passwords then check out our article I keep forgetting my passwords.

Outlook Login (Forgotten Password) Yahoo Login (Forgotten Password)