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Types of Tweets and where they appear

Twitter in Motion

Someone asked me today about the different types of tweets you can send and where they go.

The different types of tweets

There are three types of tweets we will be dealing with in this article:

  • Normal tweets – you make a standard tweet with no mention of someone else’s twitter name
  • Replies – you reply to someone’s tweet
  • Mentions – you mention someone’s Twitter name in your tweet (not at the beginning)
Where different types of tweets go

I therefore tried to codify Twitter Support’s text version of different types of tweets into a table. Please note that this is a work in progress. Any feedback would be hugely appreciated. I will give credit to people who give feedback that turns out to be useful. Leave feedback in the comments section of this page or contact me if you like.

Different Types of Tweets (1.1)

Dual follower: Someone who follows both the sender and someone mentioned in a tweet.

Note: Retweets (RTs) and promoted tweets – I’ll write more on these later.

Credits / Date / Copyright

By Mike from @technologywales
Feedback from: @MonarchBPD
Created: 26th July 2015
Last update: 26th July 2015
Version: 1.1

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