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Therapist using video conferencing software on her laptop, with a website displayed on the screen and Apple devices nearby

Portfolio Entry: Empowering a Therapist with Technology Support

Client Background:

As a technology consultant, I had the opportunity to assist a therapist in various aspects of technology support. The client required assistance with video conferencing, website creation, Microsoft Word support, email management, purchasing a new laptop, utilizing a sat nav system in her car, collating and processing information for an insurance claim, printer setup, setting up wifi, creating a therapist profile on the Counselling Directory website, and ensuring synchronization and functionality across her Apple devices, including iPad, iPhone, and MacBook Pro laptop.

Here is an overview of the tailored solutions and support provided to empower this client.

Video Conferencing Support:

Understanding the importance of remote communication in the therapist’s practice, I provided guidance on video conferencing platforms and helped set up the necessary software. I assisted with configuring audio and video settings, ensuring seamless and secure video sessions with clients.

Website Creation:

To establish an online presence and reach a wider audience, I supported the client in creating a professional website. This involved selecting an appropriate domain name, assisting with website design and layout, and guiding her through the process of adding content and information relevant to her therapy practice.

Microsoft Word Support:

Recognizing the need for efficient document creation and editing, I provided personalized support in Microsoft Word. This included teaching advanced formatting techniques, utilizing templates, and offering guidance on organizing and managing therapy-related documents.

Email Management:

To optimize email workflows, I provided guidance on email management strategies, including organizing folders, setting up filters and rules, and integrating email with the client’s workflow. This ensured effective communication and streamlined information retrieval.

New Laptop Purchase Assistance:

Understanding the need for an updated and reliable system, I assisted the client in purchasing a new laptop that met her specific requirements. I provided recommendations, comparing different models and specifications to ensure compatibility with her therapy practice and other tasks.

Sat Nav System Setup:

To enhance the client’s navigation experience in her car, I provided support in setting up and configuring a satellite navigation (sat nav) system. This included assisting with the initial setup, programming addresses, and providing guidance on using the system effectively.

Insurance Claim Support:

Recognizing the importance of efficiently processing information for an insurance claim, I assisted the client in collating and organizing relevant documentation. This involved providing guidance on scanning and digitizing paperwork, setting up a digital filing system, and ensuring secure backup of important claim-related information.

Printer Setup:

To facilitate printing needs, I guided the client in setting up a printer. This included connecting the printer to her computer, installing the necessary drivers, and configuring printing preferences to ensure seamless and efficient printing of therapy-related documents.

Wifi Setup:

Understanding the importance of a reliable internet connection, I assisted in setting up and configuring wifi in the client’s practice or home. This involved securing the network, ensuring proper encryption, and optimizing wifi coverage for efficient and secure online activities.

Therapist Profile Creation on Counselling Directory:

To expand the client’s online presence and reach potential clients, I assisted in creating a therapist profile on the Counselling Directory website. This involved selecting compelling content, highlighting areas of expertise, and showcasing the therapist’s qualifications and experience to attract individuals seeking therapy services.

Apple Device Synchronization:

Ensuring all her Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, and MacBook Pro laptop) were synchronized and working together, I provided support in setting up iCloud synchronization. This involved configuring settings, ensuring data consistency, and enabling seamless collaboration and access across devices.


Through tailored technology support, I empowered a therapist to leverage technology effectively in her practice. By providing assistance with video conferencing, website creation, Microsoft Word support, email management, laptop purchase, sat nav system setup, insurance claim processing, printer setup, wifi configuration, therapist profile creation on the Counselling Directory website, and ensuring