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Retired GP writing on a laptop, surrounded by books and with a Bob Dylan album in the background

Portfolio Entry: Empowering a Retired GP with Technology Support

Client Background:

As a technology consultant, I had the privilege of assisting a retired GP in achieving his lifelong dream of writing a book on Bob Dylan. The client required comprehensive technology support to enhance his writing process, set up a printer, utilise presentation software, manage email and groups, ensure basic home cybersecurity, conduct research, and implement regular backups.

Here is an overview of the tailored solutions and support provided to empower this client.

Teaching Word and Writing Support:

Understanding the client’s aspiration to write a book on Bob Dylan, I provided personalised training on Microsoft Word, ensuring he had the necessary skills to efficiently write and format his manuscript. I guided him through the writing process, offering writing techniques and strategies to bring his book to life.

Printer Setup and Assistance:

To facilitate the client’s printing needs, I assisted in setting up his printer. This involved connecting the printer to his computer, installing the required drivers, and configuring printing preferences. By providing hands-on support, I ensured he could effortlessly print his written materials and make tangible progress on his book.

PowerPoint Presentations and Multimedia Setup:

Recognising the client’s background in running a Science and Christian group, I helped him create captivating presentations using PowerPoint. Additionally, I guided him in connecting his computer to his large television, enabling him to deliver engaging talks to the group. I also assisted in setting up a remote control system, allowing him to seamlessly change slides during presentations.

Email and Group Management:

To enhance the client’s communication and organisation, I provided guidance on email management. I taught him how to effectively manage his email inbox, create groups for different purposes (such as his walking group and book reading group), and streamline his email workflows. By optimising his email practices, he was able to stay connected and efficiently communicate with various groups of interest.

Basic Home Cybersecurity:

Understanding the importance of protecting his personal information and digital assets, I offered guidance on basic home cybersecurity practices. This included setting up antivirus software, configuring privacy settings, and educating him on common online threats. By implementing these measures, I helped him navigate the digital landscape safely.

Research Techniques and Privacy Awareness:

Recognising the need for thorough research for his book, I provided guidance on effective research techniques, utilising online resources, databases, and search engines. Additionally, we had conversations about privacy, discussing the pros and cons of technology and implementing measures to protect his personal data and online privacy.

Regular Book Backups:

Understanding the value of his book’s progress and data, I taught the client how to regularly back up his manuscript. This included setting up automated backup solutions and educating him on the importance of maintaining multiple copies of his work to prevent data loss.


Through personalised technology support, I empowered a retired GP to fulfil his dream of writing a book on Bob Dylan. By teaching Word, setting up his printer, assisting with PowerPoint presentations, email and group management, basic home cybersecurity, research techniques, privacy awareness, and implementing regular book backups, I enabled the client to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and achieve his writing goals. Through tailored solutions, guidance, and ongoing support, I helped the client leverage technology effectively and embrace the opportunities it offered for his creative pursuits.