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Retired teacher working on a laptop, showing being empowered by technology

Portfolio Entry: Empowering a Retired Teacher with Technology Support

Client Background:

As a technology consultant, I had the privilege of assisting a retired teacher who required comprehensive technology support. The client sought assistance with various tasks, including email management, research, writing, setting up a printer, purchasing a laptop, and navigating a remote court case during the COVID-19 lockdown. Additionally, I provided vital administrative support in setting up the Abergavenny Women’s Institute. Here is an overview of the tailored solutions and support provided to empower this client.

Email Management and Communication:

Recognising the importance of effective email management, I assisted the client in streamlining her email inbox. This involved setting up folders and filters, implementing email organisation techniques, and providing training on email etiquette and best practices. By optimising her email system, I enabled her to efficiently manage communication and stay on top of important messages.

Research and Writing Support:

Understanding the client’s research and writing needs, I provided guidance on utilising online research tools, such as academic databases and search engines. I introduced efficient research methodologies, helping her gather relevant information for her court case and other projects. Additionally, I offered writing assistance, including proofreading, editing, and formatting support, to ensure her written documents were clear, professional, and concise.

Printer Setup and Laptop Purchase:

To facilitate the client’s printing needs, I guided her through the setup process of a new printer. This involved connecting the printer to her computer, installing the necessary drivers, and configuring printing preferences. I also provided recommendations and assistance in purchasing a suitable laptop that met her specific requirements, ensuring it was equipped with the necessary software and features for her tasks.

Remote Court Case Support:

Recognising the unique challenges posed by the remote court case during the COVID-19 lockdown, I provided comprehensive technology support to enable seamless video conferencing and remote communication. This involved assisting with the setup and configuration of video conferencing software, testing audio and video equipment, and troubleshooting connectivity issues. By ensuring her technology setup was optimised for remote court proceedings, I empowered her to effectively present her case remotely and navigate the court system’s specific requirements.

Administrative Support for Abergavenny Women’s Institute:

Understanding the client’s aspirations to establish the Abergavenny Women’s Institute, I provided administrative support to help her with the setup process. This involved assisting with administrative tasks such as creating and managing membership lists, organising meetings and events, and handling relevant documentation. By providing tailored administrative assistance, I enabled her to establish the Abergavenny Women’s Institute smoothly.


Through personalised technology and administrative support, I empowered a retired teacher with the necessary skills and tools to navigate various tasks and challenges. By assisting with email management, research, writing, printer setup, laptop purchase, remote court case support, and providing administrative support for the establishment of the Abergavenny Women’s Institute, I facilitated a smooth transition into the digital realm and supported her in achieving her goals. Through tailored solutions, guidance, and ongoing support, I helped the client leverage technology and administrative processes to enhance productivity and embrace new opportunities.