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Retired solicitor writing a book with the aid of tailored technology solutions provided by Technology Wales

Portfolio Entry: Enhancing Efficiency for a Libel Solicitor Writing a Book


As a technology consultant, I take pride in providing personalised and tailored support to clients based on their unique needs and objectives. I firmly believe that generic classes fall short in addressing the diverse technology requirements of individuals and businesses. By understanding the specific needs of clients and the nature of their work, I deliver customised solutions that enhance efficiency, productivity, and cybersecurity. This portfolio showcases how I provided tailored technology support to a retired solicitor who still works on writing a book and handling ongoing libel cases.

Client: Retired Solicitor Writing a Book


The client sought assistance in writing a book and managing the ongoing libel cases while improving efficiency and ensuring cybersecurity.

Tailored Solutions:

Understanding the client’s specific requirements, I provided tailored support and solutions that addressed their unique needs:

Enhancing Writing Efficiency:

To streamline the writing process and improve efficiency, I introduced various technological solutions:

  1. Personalised Research Tools: Recognising the importance of efficient research, I assisted the client in utilising Evernote, a versatile application, to store and organise snippets of information from websites. This enabled easy retrieval and efficient search, enhancing the research process.
  2. Dual Monitor Setup: To facilitate multitasking, I recommended the use of a second monitor. This allowed the client to conduct research on one screen while simultaneously using Microsoft Word on another, streamlining the writing process and eliminating the need for constant switching between applications.

Cybersecurity and Data Protection:

Given the sensitive nature of the client’s work and the potential risks associated with the book’s topic, I implemented robust cybersecurity measures:

  1. Comprehensive Security Assessment: I conducted a thorough security assessment to identify potential vulnerabilities and risks. This included evaluating their network security, data protection practices, and system configurations.
  2. Secure Data Backup: I set up a reliable and automated backup system to ensure critical files and data related to the book and libel cases were regularly backed up to secure cloud storage or external drives. This provided protection against data loss and facilitated quick recovery in case of unforeseen events.
  3. Strengthened Cybersecurity Measures: I implemented encryption protocols, secure file-sharing methods, and recommended best practices to safeguard the client’s sensitive information. This included utilising encrypted communication channels, adopting strong password management techniques, and implementing multi-factor authentication.

Efficient Workflows and Technical Support:

To enhance overall productivity and provide ongoing technical support, I offered additional tailored solutions:

  1. Dictation and Voice-to-Text: I introduced the client to dictation software and recommended a suitable microphone to optimise their writing process. This enabled them to dictate their thoughts and ideas, reducing typing time and increasing efficiency.
  2. Cloud-Based Synchronisation: To ensure seamless access to data and information across all devices, I set up and configured cloud-based synchronisation solutions. This enabled the client to access their files, research materials, and drafts from anywhere, enhancing collaboration and workflow efficiency.
  3. Technical Troubleshooting: As part of ongoing support, I resolved technical issues such as printer setup and connectivity problems. I also assisted in the seamless transition from an old iPad to a new one, ensuring data transfer and optimal functionality.


As a technology consultant, I provide tailored support to clients, recognising that generic classes are not effective for addressing diverse technology needs. In this case, I assisted a retired solicitor in writing a book and managing libel cases while enhancing efficiency and ensuring cybersecurity. By implementing personalised solutions such as research tools, dual monitor setup, data backup, encryption protocols, and ongoing technical support, I enabled the client to streamline their work, protect their valuable data, and achieve their goals effectively.