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Cybersecurity workshop in progress for Bristol Letting Agent

Portfolio Entry: Cybersecurity Training and Administrative Support for Bristol Local Lets

Bristol Local Lets, a letting agent managing an impressive portfolio of properties, engaged me to provide targeted technological assistance. With a compact yet efficient team, the company required specific services to streamline operations and ensure maximum data security.

Cybersecurity Workshop

Understanding the significance of cybersecurity in today’s digital landscape, the owner and deputy of the company attended a one-day workshop I facilitated. The session was focused on the fundamentals of cybersecurity, including the best practices for safeguarding sensitive information, potential cyber threats, and steps to take in the event of a data breach.

Administrative Tasks and Equipment Sourcing

The owner also required support with various administrative tasks, and I was able to assist with efficient digital systems and processes. In addition, I helped source necessary office equipment such as printers and laptops, ensuring the team had the tools they needed to work effectively.

Employee Monitoring Software

Recognising a need for enhanced productivity monitoring, I assisted in the implementation of employee monitoring software to ensure all team members were contributing effectively to their roles. This helped to increase overall productivity and fostered a more accountable work environment.

Microsoft Word Training

Given the extensive use of Microsoft Word in their daily operations, the owner sought assistance to master this essential tool. I provided hands-on training to enhance her proficiency, enabling her to optimise document creation and editing processes.

Providing bespoke technology solutions for Bristol Local Lets is another testament to the adaptability and relevance of the services I offer. Whether it’s cybersecurity training, administrative support, or software guidance, I strive to deliver tangible results that make a real difference to my clients.