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Smart TV Abergavenny

Smart TV Abergavenny – Setup & Configuration

We setup smart TVs in people’s homes, in Abergavenny and surrounding areas. If you want to stream television programmes or films via Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or YouTube, we will get it done.

If you have an older television that you want to upgrade to a smart TV, that is also possible by adding Amazon Firestick, Google Chromecast or Apple TV to an existing television. This is a cost-effective way of getting a smart TV.

Netflix Logo

The advantage of Google Chromecast, Apple TV or Amazon Firestick is that you can stream content from your phone or tablet (iPad or Android tablet) to your television. This means you can purchase a film or TV programme on your phone or tablet and watch it on your television. This is advantageous because you can continue watching the programme or film on your phone or tablet if you are travelling or away from home.

Contact us today to get your old television modernised or your new TV setup.

We can also put your flatscreen television on a folding hinge wall-bracket, which allows the television to be positioned at different angles in the room. Below is an example of a folding hinge wall-bracket. The back of the television attaches to the star shape, and the part on the left of the picture attaches to the wall.

TV Bracket