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Environmental - Dandelion Shedding Seeds

Environmental / Green Considerations

Our aim is to encourage people to:

  • Buy secondhand technology equipment in order to maximise the usage of a product over it’s entire lifespan
  • Repair rather than replace (although we understand that sadly this isn’t always cost-effective)
  • Upgrade their existing technology products instead of buying new (e.g. you can upgrade an older (non smart-TV) to a smart-TV without buying a new television)
  • Donate old technology to relevant charities (who recycle or re-use the products)
  • Correctly recycle their old technology products

We aim to:

  • Follow the above guidelines for ourselves
  • Minimise travel where possible (e.g. try to help people locally, or using remote technologies where no travel is required)
  • Minimise paper use
  • Increase green energy use (electricity etc) over time

We don’t believe in preaching to people or indeed ourselves, but we feel that if we all do a little bit then this adds up. It’s often better to make permanent lifelong small changes, than just go through an extreme phase only to give up. At least that’s what we think is best.