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Launch of Technology Drop in (Abergavenny Wales) - Technology Wales

Launch of Technology Wales Drop-In (Abergavenny)

We are excited to announce the launch of Technology Wales Drop-In at Abergavenny Community Centre. This is aimed at people from all walks of life and at all levels. Come along if you have an issue you want to resolve, of if you want to learn something, or want advice on something, or even just to have an informal chat.

Bring your phones, tablets, laptops (and even desktops if you can carry them!). The aim of the session is to resolve your issues and to bring confidence to those struggling with technology. It’s also an opportunity to talk about technological issues of the day, e.g. artificial intelligence, driverless cars, and to discuss the positives and negatives of technology.

Common issues people ask about:

  • How to do online banking / shopping, and how to do this safely (cybersecurity / online safety)
  • How to use social media
  • Why did I get hacked?
  • How to sort emails
  • How to use Microsoft Word
  • And lots more…

Looking forward to helping people at the launch of technology Wales drop-in 2020! Please contact us if you want to touch base with us before then.

Location of Abergavenny Digital Drop-In:

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