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Change Font Globally in PowerPoint

Aim of Tutorial

To learn how to change the font for a whole presentation rather than changing the font for one piece of text at a time.

Tutorial Steps

Step 1. From the top menu bar click Design.

Click Design





Step 2. Hover the mouse over the colour-schemed rectangles to the right. The rectangles to the left are the available themes to choose from, the rectangles to the right are the default colour schemes available for the currently selected theme. The currently selected them and the currently selected colour scheme are the rectangles surrounded by an orange line. When you hover the mouse over the available colour schemes (the rectangles to the right) a downward arrow will appear, see the pink ellipse showing this arrow below:

Click Down Arrow


After clicking the downward arrow you will see some formatting options appear for the currently selected theme. These options will appear beneath the downward arrow as shown:

Theme Formatting Options









We are interested in changing the font style, however you can see that there are other options for changing the colour scheme and the background style.

Step 3. Move the mouse pointer so it is hovering over the Aa Fonts menu item (see above, it is the menu item located between the menu items called Colors and Background Styles). On doing this you should see a list of font style choices appear:

Font Style Menu


In our example the first four font choices are Calibri Light, Cambria, Calibri and Arial respectively.

Step 4. Now choose the font you would like to use by clicking on your chosen font in the list provided. This will change the font style for all text throughout the current presentation.

If you want to keep the selected font then you can now save the document and the changes will be kept. If you decide you prefer the previous font then click the Edit menu at the top left of PowerPoint and then click Undo Theme Fonts.

If you have any feedback for this tutorial then please let me know in the comments below. I will do my best to improve the tutorial with any feedback I receive.

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