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WordPress Security

WordPress security is an essential part of web design that some designers miss out on. If you have a WordPress ( not website then we can provide increased security. Most websites get hacking attempts every day, which tend to fail, however, it is quite easy to be a victim of hacking. 100% security doesn’t exist, however, there are ways to make it much harder for hackers, and to ensure that you backup your site so that if your website is damaged you can get it back to a working state more easily.

We provide an where we can check your website without needing to visit you. We can see if someone is attempting to hack you and circumvent their attempts (most hackers try a various number of methods before getting into your website, therefore if you see their early failures you can block them or increase any potential weaknesses to make it much harder for them).

Wordpress Security Check

WordPress Security Basics

In the meantime here’s some simple tips to increase your website’s security:

  1. Keep plugins up to date
  2. Keep WordPress up to date
  3. Deactivate then delete unused plugins
  4. Use a strong password (is your password listed in the top 500 most common passwords?)
  5. Use a secure hosting service

If you like to secure your website further then contact us for a quote.