Moonfruit Websites that use Flash will break by end of 2020

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Moonfruit is a website builder platform. Unfortunately, it hasn’t aged well. A lot of their website templates use Flash. Flash will be phased out by the end of 2020, which means those websites using Flash will stop working. Moonfruit has formally said that you won’t be able to migrate to HTML5 (a Flash-free way of building websites) without recreating the website from scratch.

Here’s a response from Moonfruit support (February 2020):

Once the flash is outdated then your sites will be down.

We can’t convert or copy or transfer the site content from one site to another site. You need to build it from scratch within the responsive sites.

Although Moonfruit was historically good, it hasn’t aged well. They haven’t kept up with the times. It has a clunky editor to boot, and it needs to be brought into the 21st century.

As Moonfruit have already said that your Flash-based website will need to be recreated from scratch, our recommendation would be to use a modern website creation system like WordPress. 35% of the world’s websites currently use WordPress. Because WordPress is such a large company, it can afford to invest heavily in modernising and ironing out glitches and bugs. It also means that they have to keep up with website trends.

If you’d like to convert your existing Moonfruit website (or indeed any website) into WordPress, then contact us. We can keep the existing look-and-feel (logos and colours etc), and of course the content, of your website.

Other Positives of WordPress

A WordPress website:

  • displays well on all devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, and even Smart TVs)
  • is easier to maintain, edit and upgrade
  • more secure
  • allows easy integration of YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter etc

Contact us to convert your website to WordPress today, no matter what current system you use.

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